• If you are UM faculty with a valid Cane ID, you already have access to URIDE. You do not need to complete this form.

Go to You must read and accept URIDE Terms of Use. If you are having trouble accessing URIDE, contact us at

A few tips:

- MAKE SURE to Use a browser other than IE

- Log in to the UM network either through a direct connection, SecureCanes Wi-Fi network or VPN (preferred if working remotely) via

  • If you are a NOT UM faculty (e.g., student, resident, etc.), you may obtain access to URIDE as follows:
    • STEP 1: you (= the Requestor) complete the request to access URIDE using this REDCap questionnaire. You will need a valid Cane ID, and a sponsoring Principal Investigator (PI)/Faculty.
    • STEP 2: Your request is directly forwarded to the PI/ Faculty Sponsor listed on your questionnaire. You must make sure the PI is aware of your request. Several automatic reminders will be sent to the PI until we receive the authorzation.


    • STEP 3: After the PI authorization is received and the vetting process is completed, you will be granted access to URIDE. NOTE: The vetting process is done by our staff. If your request is placed on a weekend or at night, it might take until the next working day to be answered.

For any additional information or questions, please contact us at

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